Saturday, 11 November 2017

How To Use Hitleap To Get Traffic On Your Website.

          How To Use Hitleap To Get Traffic On Your Website.

                                             How To: Using HitLeap Effectively  

                                                              First go to

HitLeap is an online traffic exchange program that lets you put your links out there for people to view while you simultaneously visit their links. It is quick, easy and safe -- and very good for earning not only hits to your website but also bitcoins and cash. Here is a quick how to on how HitLeap works and how you can use it to its fullest potential.

How to Use HitLeap (In General):

  1. Get toHitLeap - Website Site visitors Exchange and make an account for yourself. Upon the front page is a graph that illustrates how many minutes you have earned and how many clicks you have received. This graph updates as you work.
  2. If you have a site ready for use, submit it under 'My Websites'. You are able to placed the viewing the perfect time to whatever you feel like it and whatever will suit the needs you have the best. HitLeap are listed your hyperlink as 'under review' for about ~five to eight minutes, after which it will probably be added to the Visitors Exchange.
  3. To get clicks on your site you will need to invest 'minutes' which you can earn in 'Traffic Exchange'. You have two options in earning minutes:
  4. Download the HitLeap Viewer (which operates somewhat more smoothly and earns you more minutes but is a computer's desktop aplication you must set up. )or
  5. Making use of the Viewer in internet browser.
  6. Whichever option you've chosen to use, you will now be earning minutes from it! Those minutes will automatically be put in getting you hit