Sunday, 12 November 2017

25 Ideas for Clash of Clans Future Updates 2017 - 2018!!!

25 Ideas for Clash of Clans Future Updates 2017 - 2018!!!

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Hello guys!

Here area unit fifty of my suggestions for clash of clans I hope you fancy. If you disagree, please disagree with all respect. 

Sorry if synchronic linguistics is unhealthy. i am too lazy to assay. As long as you'll be able to speak English is all smart. 

Also i am sorry if i do not have footage of my concepts. i am not associate creator. My sister is. 

Reply down below on that suggestion would be best and perhaps it'll come back true.

Clan star bonus. (Every once every week, social group members ought to gather stars for an oversized surprise bonus!)

Sticky entice (A hidden entice that explodes sticky glue like substance stable gear troops for a minimum of three - five seconds.)

Gem hammer (In the menu, you must be able to get a gem hammer bonus for three hundred - five hundred gems. A gem hammer can build your builder's work five hundredth quicker. Gem hammer bonuses last for three - five days.)

Warrior (Warrior ought to be a quick sturdy troop that carries associate axe and a defend. The defend has its own hit points. Once the defend is destroyed by defenses the axeman is vulnerable.)

Hoplite (Hoplite is ought to be a troop that may throw a spear during a so much vary assaultive air and ground.) 

Hole entice (A hole entice may be a entice that ought to entice low house spacing troops during a hole.)

Grand law officer secondary ability (Since the Grand law officer is wizard like.Grand law officer ought to have a second ability to summon five wizards in battle. 

Custom social group flag (You ought to be able to draw or edit your own social group flag for a hundred gems.)

Better base report (I've seen individuals draw swear words on bases exploitation walls. you must be able to report those bases with a flag and a report description.)

Remove this feature! (You will say swear words on international chat like pen*s or sh*t by exploitation associate the other way up exclamation point. sadly supercell has not censored  it.)

Clan challenges. (Yay fun challenges are else to clash of social groups! however concerning clan challenges for clans.)

Ice wizard (We all... well most folks precious the Ice wizard from the Gregorian calendar month update. Why did supercell ought to take away it?!?) 

This is associate unlucky variety. No suggestions.

Fog spell. (Fog spell ought to be a spell creating troops lined in fog. Defences won't be able to see troops.)

Target spell.(Target spell ought to be able to build troops target a definite space or building.)

Elixir shooter (Elixir shooter ought to be a troop that spits elixir through a tube able to harm buildings at a so much vary. will attack air and ground.)

Which tower. (No srsly why is there a wizard tower and not a witch tower. A that tower are often a witch on a tower that shoots inexperienced fireballs and summons skeletons from rock bottom of the tower.) 

Daily gems (everyday you must be able to watch an advert and receive a minimum of two gems. this can facilitate supercell build cash rather than having players get gems.)

Clan bank (You ought to be able to distribute troops during a social group bank and alternative players will use the troops in there.)

Catapult (Shoots big rocks at a so much vary. Used for offence and defense.)

Ninjas (Everyone loves ninjas associate recent Japanese warrior/soldier carrying a mask and throwing shurikens. Imagine what would happen if ninjas were else to clash of clans).

Mage (A mage are often a troop that carries a wand and shoots thunder. conjointly the mage ought to have the flexibility to disappear once in for a while solely|for less than|for under} five seconds and only wizard towers will see the mage once invisible.)

Horses (Supercell ought to very add troops that ride horses. there's the hog rider however the hog rider virtually rides a pig!)

Delete text feature (I hate it after I say things or kind down things i do not mean to mention. however a couple of thanks to delete text you written in clash of clans.)

Restore earlier settings button (I hate it after I provide somebody co leader and that they screw up the settings and as leader I actually have to mend it. As leader you must be able to save social group settings and be able to restore the previous social group settings.)